• Humour

    to engage people

    Get your message across better with Sustainable Stand-Up.


    Work with your inner truth-teller, comedian, and artist. Learn how to use a nice form of humour to talk about things that matter, in human, engaging, and powerful ways.




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    through improv

    Work together smarter and more joyfully with Applied Improvisation.


    Develop skills and mindsets which will help you and your colleagues to co-create solutions to the increasingly complex and dynamic issues we all face.




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    from nature

    Become inherently sustainable with

    Thrivable World.


    Align your organisation with the principles that help nature and people to thrive.

    Create meaningful projects which inspire colleagues, customers, and the planet.




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  • Leading the way to Thrivability:

    A residential learning adventure at

    the Eden Project for leaders wanting organisations to be a positive force for good.

    It's a creative leadership workshop. It's a learning adventure. And it's a Thrivable World Quest. Join us at the Eden Project to explore how we can transform what we value in organisations, how we engage with others, and our relationship with nature, so that our organisations can become forces for regenerative good in the world.

    A 3-day residential Thrivable leadership workshop/adventure/quest at the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK


    Friday 13 September to Sunday 15 September 2019

    Places limited to 12 people. Will you join us?

    Book now.


    On the gorgeous Eden Project campus, we will dive into these juicy topics:

    • How might we change what we value in organisations in order to expand the scope of profound goodness our organisations can manifest?
    • What are some ways to engage everyone in our organisation in positive change?
    • What would be different if our organisations intentionally helped life on the planet to thrive?

    Interested in participating?

    We would love to work with you!

    Join us and we will also work to expand the mindsets and behaviours needed to increase our personal compassion, adaptability, and resilience in what many experts predict are tricky times ahead.

    This highly participative three-day leadership workshop/learning adventure/Thrivable World Quest, is designed to help you rethink how organisations do business, and how leaders can lead. One that better positions you to lead organisations so they can manifest positive change for people and the planet.

    Who is this for?

    We want to hear from you!

    This is an open workshop for leaders from any background and sector looking to make a positive difference and explore a new life-based ‘operating system’ for organisations.


    You'll mix with people from a range of sectors who are all on a similar journey, giving you access to a living network of collaborators, experiences and insights. Expect to share time with social entrepreneurs, change agents, and leaders from the public, private, and third sectors.

    What will you get out of it?

    Lots of things!

    Enhanced leadership skills. Take this inspiring weekend to expand, refine, and energise the vision you have for organisations as a force for good.

    Planning skills. The invitation to turn inspirational ideas, insights and examples into action.

    Collaboration skills. New ways of engaging others in doing things together which are more harmonious with the joyful side of our human nature.

    Perceptual skills. A much deeper understanding of, and involvement with, the vibrancy of your organisation.

    Closer connections with colleagues and peers.

    Inspiration and concrete examples. The unique ability to speak with experienced leaders who actively align organisations with nature and the best of people.


    Learn more

    Email us for our pdf on the workshop.



    Your facilitators/guides/hosts

    Your facilitators/guides/hosts are two wonderful women, each with a passion and track record to change how things are done, and each with experience in a complementary areas.

    Caron Bradshaw

    CEO of CFG (The Charity Finance Group)

    Caron has bravely and skilfully broadened the conversation in the charity finance sector beyond 'business as usual' to include such radical things as innovation, ecosystems, and love. She is the Chief Executive of Charity Finance Group, a leading charity which supports social change organisations in being efficient, effective and sustainable through financial management and financial leadership . She has 25 years of experience in and around the charity sector, is trained as a Barrister and has been recognised for her leadership skills (through various sector awards).

    Belina Raffy

    CEO of Maffick

    Belina Raffy, helps people to improvise in ways that are in tune with our best nature and with the planet. She is a change specialist, world renowned applied improvisation expert, and Thrivable World Quest co-creator. She has worked with groups around the world to better align organisations with nature. Founder-director of UK-based consultancy Maffick, and with an MBA under her belt, Belina specialises in developing communication, co-creation and change skills with people so that we can better align our businesses with how nature and people thrive. Her book came out in April 2019, called 'Using improv to save the world (and me)'.

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  • Book your place on our residential
    Eden Project leadership learning adventure today

    The leadership learning adventure is limited to 12 participants.



    The fee is £540, plus £210 for accommodation & food (£750) per person, yet if you book for two or more people, the workshop fee is £425, plus £210 for accommodation & food (£635) per person.



    Please note that, due to the nature of the event and the importance of immersing yourself in the experience, the costs are not modular and participants will need to pay both workshop and accommodation & food fees.


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  • Who is Belina Raffy?

    The empress and director of Maffick Ltd, Applied Improvisation and Thrivability

    thought-leader, Thrivable World Quest co-founder and global captain.


    She used to work for a big bank in London and New York and saw a bunch

    of people burning out. She thought 'there's got to be a better way

    than this.' and did an MBA at Cranfield School of Management to

    relax and regroup.


    She started studying and applying improvisation skills to work.

    Skills which help us to navigate uncertainty, co-create deeply.


    Her work is increasingly exploring how we might totally transform

    our organisations so that we (and the organisations we are in)

    serve life beautifully. Belina believes improvisation is vital for

    what the world is facing now - and it is her passion to spread

    these mindsets, practices and skills as much as possible, as

    well as to support others who do this with breathtaking ability.


    And oh, she is writing this book called

    Using Improv to Save the World (and me) ...


    Photo by Mikael Colville-Andersen

  • 40 minutes of online personal consulting

    You and me, talking about how to help you make the world better

    £100 for 40 mins

  • Testimonials

    Some lovely feedback we got from our clients.

    Darshita Gillies

    Entrepreneur and Global System Integrator, on our Sustainable Stand Up

    “The concept is beautiful ... the ability to learn the art to articulate very

    tricky, boring, serious stuff in a fun way is definitely a skill to have ...

    I love the approach - it is very inviting.”

    Caron Bradshaw

    Chief Executive at Charity Finance Group (CFG), on our Applied Improvisation

    “So many different trainers and experts that I’ve seen over the years will go:

    “Here is my programme”. And whatever you talk to them about they will be coming back to their default, this is my programme, this is how I’m doing it. But what Belina does is a much more of a listening approach that genuinely tries to understand what the problem is that you are seeking to resolve and then co-creates with you a resolution for it and not imposes just a different way of saying “This is my solution.” ..”

    Julian Giacomelli

    President of RISE Kombucha Inc., on our Thrivable World

    “We worked with Belina on several internal thrivability-focussed meetings and workshops, as well as on an eco-system event. In the workshops, we helped give voice to everyone in the company on how we might better align ourselves more fully with nature, and with a way of working, that feels alive, meaningful and inspiring. In our ecosystem event, we had our whole company, supporters, customers, suppliers, artists, and musicians come together to celebrate and embody how our company works and dream with us what comes next. The insights gained from these meetings, workshops, and the event were invaluable."

  • Who is part of the Maffick family?

    These are the people that help Maffick save the world

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Belina Raffy

    Empress of improv, humour and thrivability

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Ana Kyra Bekš

    (Service) Design thinker, doer and explorer

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Paul Z Jackson

    Solutions Finder

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Michelle Holliday

    Thrivability Consultant

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