• Improv[e] how business is done.

    My name is Belina and I work with 

    people and organisations who want to

    make the world a better place. 

    Together we can build the capacity to:


    Improvise > learn to adapt, co-create and collaborate in a smart and joyful way

    Stand up > speak your truth and engage people about things that matter

    Thrive > align organisations with how life & people thrive and be inherently sustainable


    Inspiring consultancy, workshops, courses, coaching and talks. Contact me and we can explore how to

    do something awesome together.

  • Improv(e) Your Business

    Time to Improvise!


    Workshops, Coaching​

    Easy to say, not easy to do. At work, fear, the desire to be 'right', and different agendas can often get in the way of engaging the group genius to come up with new ways of working, approaching a challenge or serving clients more effectively.


    Let's help you:

    • Create conditions which increase individual and group creativity

    • Practice accepting and building on each others' ideas

    • Make a safe space to explore and capture 'out of the box' ideas



    So, things are working OK, but not great. People have gotten into ruts, work feels just 'meh', and there are a load of assumptions floating around about how to work together - but none of them are expressed or examined.



    Let's help you:

    • Connect with colleagues in joyful and productive ways

    • (Re-) Establish healthy working patterns

    • Create a safe space to examine and improve assumptions about how people work together at work

    Change things

    Consultancy, Workshops

    Why can't things just stay the bloody same?! Being alive and in business means needing to adapt to constant change - how we do things, who we work with, and what we offer. It is easy to get overwhelmed, feel disempowered, and disengaged.


    Let's help you:

    • Connect with fresh eyes to colleagues and the business environment

    • Respond quickly to changes in the market

    • Pro-actively and collaboratively design changes for better business

  • Improv for Do Gooders

    Let's work out how to become more effective, engaging, and delightful change agents in our quest to make the world a better place.


    This highly interactive workshop is designed to help professionals to

    develop improvisation mindsets and behaviours 

    which are useful in creating powerful change in the world.

    Join us in Zurich on Sunday, April 30 or in London on Saturday, May 20th

    In Zurich, the course will be a few minutes walk from the Zurich Hauptbahnhof and run from 10 - 1700.


    In London, the course will be a few minutes walk from London Bridge Station and run from 1030 - 1700.

    What will I get from the workshop?

    Let's get our inner and outer game in alignment so we can help to create powerful change.


    On an individual level:

    • Be more nimble at leading and following. Notice when you need to let go of control and when you need to act.
    • Have increased ease, excitement, and curiosity when navigating the unknown.
    • Balance your intake of challenging and uplifting information about the state of our world.

    On a collective level:

    • Engender trust and engagement quickly.
    • Communicate complex ideas more clearly.
    • Create conditions for collaborative solutions from diverse people.

    We believe that serious ≠ solemn.

    The day will equip us to better handle difficult subjects, yet feel playful, light and surprisingly powerful.

  • Stand up

    Talk about things that matter, in a deeply engaging way...

    Sustainable Stand Up

    We created a project designed to do four things:

    1. Showcase the best of today's and tomorrow's stand up comedy on sustainability issues.
    2. Help stand up comics work with the best scientists, economists & sustainability experts.
    3. Create inspiring events where people develop and hone stand up material on stuff that matters.
    4. Connect some of our stand up comics to major sustainability events and conferences.

    For more information, click here.


    We are currently looking for awesome, smart, nice people to join our Sustainable Stand Up course in London. Starts Sept 5, with a show off of Leicester Square in London on October 16. To book your place, click here.


    Speak Your Truth - The Improv Way

    Workshops - public and in-company

    What's the point of becoming a polished presenter, if the content that you are talking about is generic, uninspiring, and doesn't help people to be better humans? And why try saving humanity - if every time you speak with people, you turn them off with your judgemental zeal?


    We help people to:

    • Connect with their audience in delightful and smart ways

    • Discover what is surprising, deeply human, and worth caring about in their stories

    • Craft their stories

    • Present them with ease and the ability to adapt on the fly

  • Presentation Coaching for nice people

    who do good in the world

    We always strive for awesomeness.

    Let us help you to:


    Connect with your audience in delightful and smart ways.

    Discover what is surprising, deeply human, and worth caring about in your stories.

    Craft and know your message.

    Present with ease and have the ability to adapt on the fly.

  • Do you have a particular presentation, or a series of presentations, coming up? Do you want to find ways of making the content, and how you present it, more engaging, alive, and sticky? Let us help you master that.


    We can support you in two phases - the writing phase and the presentation phase.

    Writing phase

    In this phase we support you to make sure that ideas are presented in a concise, irresistible and memorable way.

    Presentation phase

    In this phase, we help you to do rehearsals (the aspect that everyone hates doing, but is so vital to having the impact you want), align your body language with your presentation, boost your confidence, and practice how to respond well to questions from the audience

  • Individual coaching prices

    Send us a message, we'd love to talk to you.

  • Here are some awesome testimonials

    I love helping people who do good in the world to speak more effectively

    Kerry Kassow

    International Civil Servant living in Copenhagen

    "Belina provided me with some really fantastic coaching in the lead up to a large event I was to take part in. She was a very attentive listener and gave me valuable feedback on my presentation as well as plenty of effective tips for coping with those nerves that tend to creep in. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Belina as a coach."

    Deb Hurley

    President, Hurley Group Consulting, Inc. living in Baltimore

    "Belina Raffy brings proven skills and an innovative toolbox of processes and techniques to build and sharpen presentation skills. She is highly skilled in her ability to tailor her coaching to meet the needs of a group or individual. Belina’s clients have constantly verbalised that they achieved the outcomes requested and found they got even more."

  • Thrive

    Align how your organisation does stuff with how life and people thrive

    What if your organisation intentionally

    helped life on the planet to thrive?


    What if you found a way to

    engage everyone in your organisation in that quest?


    And what if all of your projects suddenly

    had a clear way of working together towards thriving?

    For the past two years, I have been working with an amazing group of consultants to invite people around the world to imagine what might be different if organisations had the intention and practice of helping life on the planet to thrive. We have learned a lot about what is universal and what is culture specific.


    You can now take your company, or an ecosystem of companies, on a thrivable quest to align how you do things with what brings your people to life and supports life on the planet.


    Projects range from 3 days to 9 months.


    Call us.

    For more details on the Thrivable World Quest, click our logo.

  • What kind of projects did I work on while on the Using Improv to Save the World (and me) Tour?

    Applied Improv & Thrivability workshops 

    Applied improvisation mindsets & skills help us to navigate uncertainty, co-create, and align our behaviours (our 'how') with what brings us most alive (our 'what').

    Thrivability is the intention and practice of aligning organisations with how nature thrives and people thrive. 


    Each is a powerful approach. Together - they are unstoppable and delightful. 

    Public Talks and Consulting

    Some times I talk in front of many special people and sometimes I just talk to a few. Between social and business enterprises I am engaged in a series of talks and consultings that help bring the theory of Applied Improv and Thrivability to people from across the globe. 

    Love Projects 

    These projects will form the basis of a book will describe my trip, the work I do developing improvisation skills with a variety of wonderful people, and work others are doing to use improv to save the world. In the process leaving a legacy of hundreds of leaders, trainers, volunteers, social entrepreneurs, business people and humanitarian workers to better, more beautifully do what they do. And the book will enable many more people to be inspired and adept in developing improvisation mindsets & skills in others.

  • Who is Maffick?

    And why should you work
    with them?

    We are creating a world in which people delightfully, meaningfully and powerfully co-create better ways of doing business, of relating with each other, and of saving the world.

    We develop the mindsets, skills & practice of applied improvisation for people and organisations in a huge variety of contexts and countries.


    We engage with, consult, create workshops & events for, and speak inspiringly to social entrepreneurs, blue chip companies, not-for-profits, consultants, facilitators, organisational development professionals, sustainability groups, the public, MBA students, MSc Design students and many others.


    First, we find out how we can most meaningfully be of service and then design & deliver something delightful.

  • Who are we?

    Belina Raffy

    Empress/director of Maffick Ltd & Applied Improvisation and Thrivability thought-leader,  Thrivable World Quest co-founder and global captain


    She used to work for a big bank in London and New York and saw a bunch of people burning out. Belina thought 'there's got to be a better way than this.' And did an MBA at Cranfield School of Management to relax and regroup.


    She started studying and applying improvisation skills to work. Skills which help us to navigate uncertainty, co-create deeply.


    Her work is increasingly exploring how we might totally transform our organisations so that we (and the organisations we are in) serve life beautifully. Belina believes improvisation is vital for what the world is facing now - and it is her passion to spread these mindsets, practices and skills as much as possible, as well as to support others who do this with breathtaking ability.


    And oh, she is writing this book called 'Using Improv to Save the World (and me)'...

    Katie Goodman


    Katie Goodman is a global business & personal growth improv consultant, an award-winning musical comic, actress, author, creative coach, and social activist.


    She is also on the team of www.sustainablestandup.com and we adore her.


    Paul Z Jackson

    Applied Improv and Solution Focused Thought Leader

    Paul Z Jackson is an inspirational consultant, coach, facilitator, writer and speaker. He has worked with organisations around the world and made many people laugh on and off stage, mostly intentionally.


    Michelle Holliday

    Thrivability Thought Leader, Thrivable World Quest Co-Founder & Advisor


    I am a facilitator and organizational strategy consultant with 20 years’ experience, much of which has focused on brand strategy and employee engagement. Through my company (Cambium) and through collaborations with others, I love bringing people together and helping them discover ways they can feel more alive, connect more meaningfully with each other, and serve life more powerfully through their work. My favorite part of my work is helping pioneering, visionary organizations craft a bold manifesto and then design the ways they will live into it.

  • What developing vital skills for change looks and feels like...

    Learn important things and have a brilliant time doing it
  • The amazing people we've worked with 

    Charity Finance Group (CFG)

    "I started as CEO of CFG, a charity specialising in raising the standards of charity finance through its work supporting finance professionals. I passionately believe that the key to a thriving and sustainable charity sector is its ability to manage, understand and use vital financial data. However all the learning and accepted thinking I’d been exposed to was around looking in the rear view mirror, reporting what had happened, complying with rules. It wasn’t about being adaptable, forward looking, spontaneous. It figures if you’ve not been rewarded for those creative and flexible skills or shown how important they are, then you stay trapped in a little, dull, grey box marked “accountant”. I couldn’t find anything which unlocked the creative side of accountants and helped them to complement their strategy, planning and analytical skills. Then I found Belina! (well more accurately a colleague found Belina). Together with her colleague Paul, we looked at what barriers in language, approach and thinking existed in finance professionals and used Belina’s skills to shape a programme where in a day our members could start unlocking their potential and reframing their thinking. The reaction of members who participated was extremely positive. They found real practical tools they could start using straight away. I also used the approach with my own board in considering governance and working between the Board and executive (much improving the relationship as a result)".

    -Caron Bradshaw, Chief Executive, Charity Finance Group (CFG)


    Is an amazing strategy, sustainability and communications consultancy based in London.To launch their internal 'If Only' sustainability programme, we:


    • Created a forum in which each staff member could contribute to and develop each others' personal passions on sustainability. We collected over 50 ideas.
    • Prioritised actionable ideas for Salterbaxter to focus on throughout the year and identified 3 ideas which could be developed into client applications.
    • Introduced new mindsets and techniques to enable 'creatives' and other staff to collaborate and innovate together effectively.


    “All of us at Salterbaxter found the day inspiring (and fun). The company, all our different skill sets, demonstrated that we have great ideas and work together really well. The blog that kicked off the event was really successful and lives on as a way for us all to continue to share ideas. It established from the offset that the event was about us all getting involved, sharing our ideas and then making them happen.”


    Lynn Dickinson - SalterBaxter.

    London Business School

    “Maffick has become a key part of the Accelerated Development Programme at the London Business School. Their thought leading content, creative approach to learning and excellent delivery has made real impact on the programme and the participants. Their expertise in the areas of leadership, adaptive strategy and effective communications combine to create a truly compelling learning experience highly valued by both participants and the programme organizers. Their professional approach to design and delivery make them a pleasure to work with.”

    John Wills - Director, Accelerated Development Programme | Executive Education - London Business School.

    Orchimedia Inc.

    "It’s easy to motivate people around us and influence them creatively and positively once you benefited from Belina’s workshop about improvisation skills, delivered with collaborative approach and contagious energy!"


    Chia-Yi Tung

    Founder and President

    Other amazing organizations we've worked with

    • Bristol Myers Squibb
    • EMC Consulting
    • Expedition Engineering
    • European Bank of Reconstruction and Development
    • Enterprise Europe Network
    • Cranfield School of Management
    • Hague University
    • London Metropolitan University
    • Moscow Higher School of Economics
    • Nyenrode Business School
    • University of East London
    • General Motors
    • Johnson & Johnson
    • Kinetika
    • Newcastle Science City
    • Novo Nordisk
    • Procter & Gamble
    • AMED
    • The Applied Improvisation Network
    • The OD Innovation Network
    • Ursuline High School
    • HM Prison in Reading
  • To be a better improviser, last year Belina gave up her home, travelled to 12 countries in 3.5 months, and taught hundreds of people business and life improv skills. She also encountered civil unrest, two earthquakes, a sandstorm and vastly different breakfasts from London to Tokyo.

    Hello World!

    Improv to Save the World tour was a 3 and a half month journey,  traveling to 12 countries bringing improv and thrivability workshops to a number of different, beautiful people, projects and organisations. Belina is now finishing a book called 'Using Improv to Save the World (and me)'.  Here is the film from her peer funding campaign for the journey...


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