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3 Key Things to Create Executive Dream Teams at IMD

I have a new hero and her name is Ginka Toegel. She brought Renatus Hoogenraad (part of the Maffick Switzerland Dream Team and director of Sparks ) and I in to IMD’s Orchestrating Winning Performance programme to introduce how applied improvisation mindsets and practises help in creating dream teams.

November Events

4-5 November Belina Raffy will present a session called Using Improv to Save the World at the Balance-Unbalance conference in Montreal, Canada



Embracing new business opportunities the ‘improv’ way

I’ve been reading about the effects of long term chronic stress on the brain, body and learning (  - rule 8).  It’s not good.  Our brains were meant to deal with stress that is over in a minute or two.  The big creature eats us or not.  If we worry about things over long periods of time, say over the two years plus that the economy has been doing interesting things, a few things can happen.  Our ability to take in and apply new information deteriorates.  Innovation goes o

September Events

19 - 20 September Belina Raffy is working with StratX to support a program for Symantec.


23 September Maffick is helping a brilliant award-winning company to prepare for the Best Companies award.


27 September Belina Raffy will once again hone her own improvisation skills by working with young offenders at Reading Prison on the Chrysalis Programme:



October Events

8 October Belina Raffy and Lizzie Palmer will co-facilitate a session called Using Improv to Save the World at the Power Shift Youth Climate Movement ( in Manchester.


28 - 30 October Belina Raffy will be a mentor and event facilitator for the London site of the Global Sustainability Jam



Delivering a session to executives on London Business School's Accelerated Development Programme 10 July 2011

Belina Raffy and Paul Z Jackson will be delivering an all-day session on communication and adaptive leadership to executives as part of London Business School's Accelerated Development Programme on Sunday 10 July 2011.


Launching an internal Corporate Responsibility initiative on 21 July 2011

Belina Raffy is designing and delivering a session for a strategy, sustainability and communications organisation in London on 21 July 2011. The day will include applied improvisation techniques to support the sharing and development of 'wicked issues' that staff want to work on throughout the year.



Transforming how Charity Finance Directors work with change 20 July 2011

Belina Raffy and Paul Z Jackson will be delivering a session for the Charity Finance Directors' Group on 20 July 2011 on Preparing for Change. The all day course uses a mixture of applied improvisation and Solution Focus.



The HOW is part of the WHAT

Brian HawOk – it’s one thing to give a boring lecture or have a boring meeting or teach a boring class about something that truly is… boring.

It’s quite another thing to take an exciting idea, an inspiring meeting, or a transformational class and kill it by not having HOW you deliver it be ALIGNED to WHAT you are doing.